JuHa Kunststoffverarbeitung

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from thermoplastics

Processing of thermoplastics

Besides the conventional injection moulding processes our production has also been set up for multi-component-injection moulding, compound technology with automatic assembly as well as assemblies inside the mould.

Our range of products includes single weights from 1g to 350g and a glass fibre content of up to 50%.

Our injection moulding machines are as varied as our range of products. More than 50 Arburg, Engel or Ferromatik machines are available featuring a locking power ranging from 25t to 350t.

This equipment is supported by state-of-the-art technologies like the monitoring of the mould inside pressure and high-end temperature conditioning units with flow measurement.

We have installed a central proportioning system to supply material into the moulds. This system has been equipped with both a gentle dehumidification and a feeding of the material by a Poka-Yoke system.

For the scheduling and monitoring of the machines we have installed the ALS (Arburg Leitstand System = Arburg Control Station). This Arburg system allows us an individual visualization of performance indicators, capacity utilisation and signals upcoming maintenance for moulds, machines and periphery equipment including the corresponding pre-alerts.

In-process inspections and tests, which have been agreed with you, will be conducted in two ways, the standard measuring system and the state-of-the-art video measuring systems to be documented in our CAQ System, as agreed with you. Tracing of material batches and supportive evidence for what has been done when, where and by whom have thus been assured. A state-of-the-art concept for the protection of data privacy responds to the prevailing specifications of the automotive industry.