JuHa Kunststoffverarbeitung

Demanding assembly of

subassemblies from up to 6 components

Automated assembly

We, as one of the few suppliers, are in the position to assemble in a fully automated process the articles from thermoplastics and silicones, which we make in-house, plus procured individual components (e.g. contacts, springs, bushes, screws, etc.).

As the range of products (due to volume and nature of the components) varies to a very high degree, the automated assembling equipment must respond to such a demand. More than 15 special automated assemblies are available featuring an utmost variety in assembling concepts with video monitoring and sensor technology.

Continuous further engineering of the assembly concepts allows us presently to produce one final part within a cycle time of about 0.5 seconds. This provides for a very high output and top productivity. With the automated assembly line of the latest generation, we are able to achieve an output volume of about 30 million articles per year.