Junker & Halverscheid Formenbau

Precision moulds for an

optimal high-volume production


The prerequisite for a process-safe high-volume production is a mould, which has been made to incorporate the latest processing technologies available today. This enables us to warrant a defined number of shots and a long life.

To obtain this result, we apply a great variety of technologies, like hot-runner and cold-runner techniques, LBC for difficult cooling systems, direct and indirect gating, needle shut-off systems as well as the integration of optimally placed mould inside pressure sensors.

We have engineered an exclusive concept of a modular mould to offer top flexibility in the production of silicone parts. The same enables the alternating use of different inserts in a standard mould setup. Currently we are in position to manufacture moulds with up to 640 cavities.

Based on the part drawing we design the required injection mould for you. The application of state-of-the-art means of communication allows us to adapt your part drawing for our CAD-System. An interdisciplinary project team supervises the manufacture of your new moulds. For the correct layout of the moulds we apply simulation processes like Mould-Flow-Analysis during the engineering phase. Feel free as our customer to participate in the supervision of the entire engineering process. Internal reviews and releases have been foreseen at the relevant milestones, before we proceed with the next project activity.

Once the design has been released our CAM-department will amend customer-provided designs and data by specific information required in view of the technology that is applied in the production and for the machines. The same is then transferred to the controls of the CNC-machinery.

Our state-of-the-art CNC-machinery is made up from machines, which can perform electric discharge wire cutting, electric discharge machining, milling and form grinding. A calibration / presetting workstation with identification system enables us to realise almost all required processing steps in-house.
Our discharge machines and milling machines avail of state-of-the-art cartridge systems that allow for a fully automatic 24-hour-operation.

Components (inserts and cores), which we make in-house, come with a Poka-Yoke-System for an optimal and secure assembling (e.g. anti-rotation device), if at all possible. The moulds are made up from up to 4.000 individual components. All of them have been identified by way of laser marking.

The completed mould is then tested in a run@rate to get parts for the sample presentation process. Parts, which have been produced in this way, will be subjected to inspections/tests to be compliant with your requirements, before the same will be released for mass production.

On the production side our mouldmaking department carries out all service and maintenance work required. All activities are stored in data banks allowing for documentation of the life cycle or as source of knowledge for subsequent projects, if so required.