Demanding high quality products

from thermoplastic and silicone

JuHa Kunststoffverarbeitung

JuHa Kunststoffverarbeitung as your supplier for system components offers all conditions, in order to manufacture technically and high-quality products for different branches of the industry. Our product range includes for example patch cords, housings, seals, source steady sealing elements, O-rings, plugs as well as diaphragms.

As varied as our product range (piece weight from only 0.1 g to approx. 300 g) is also the injection moulding machine park: machines with closing forces from 25 t to 200 t are available. Besides the conventional moulding process, we also cover a multi component moulding process, joint technique with automatic assembly as well as assemblies in the moulding.

In addition all individual parts in our assembly department are assembled, by means of videosupervised checking feature, to system components and round thus the power spectrum off for you.

Further Informations and pictures of the mould manufacturing find you here…