High Performance Precision moulds

for mass production

Junker & Halverscheid Formenbau

Junker & Halverscheid Formenbau: A condition for a reliable production process is a mould manufactured based on the latest knowledge of processing technology. For this reason it is possible for us to guarantee the customer a fixed number of shots and a long lifetime.

Today the group of firms Junker Halverscheid at its Based on the component drawing, the co-workers of the enterprise Junker Halverscheid construct the required mould. Integrating modern means of communication allows us to convert your component drawing into our CAD system. The mould construction and data prepared are completed by the CAM department, using specific manufacturing and machine technological information, and are passed on for operation of the CNC machines.

The finished mould is tested in a test run accomplished on series conditions, the manufactured parts are examined according to the current quality guidelines and your requirements, before the release takes place for production.

You find Infos and pictures of the plastics processing here…